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An account of the First Annual 21st Century Kids FOREST Spring Cleanup, which took place on April 11, 2019.  It was attended by 7 participants, including the Wargitsch family of 107 Winding Ridge (Sarah, Robert, mom Bettina, Dad Rainier (pronounced rye-ner), Amy Via, Bob del Bello, and Jacqui Bishop.  The enterprise was the brain-child of Sarah and Robert Wargitsch. Here's the story, starting with Rainer's original email, below.  

Email from Rainer:
Last weekend, I took the kids out into the forest behind our house, to pick up some little pieces of trash that we noticed from our balcony.
We wandered two houses left and right from ours and quickly noticed that the one trash bag we brought would not be nearly enough.
In only 90 minutes, we filled 4 trash bags with plastics of all sorts, bottles, cups, glassware, cans, candles, roof shingles, house panels and all sorts of refuse. We also found a patio umbrella, a long plastic pipe, several plastic flower pots, and much more.
See the pictures attached. The kids developed an ambition to clean this lovely area up, which I find commendable.
Jacqui, maybe this is worth mentioning in our Winding Ridge website?
Rose, maybe we can do this as a community thing once a year? 
Rainer Wargitsch
107 Winding Ridge Road
White Plains, NY 10603
phone +1 (914) 993-5182
cell +1 (201) 749-9130

Well, it happened.  The First Annual 21st Century Kids FOREST Spring Cleanup has occurred and we now have a format and to do list for next year.  More to come on this, but I can tell you that if you weren't in on the first one, you really missed something.  But there'll be a followup with its own special features—including better promotion to get the word out so you don't have to learn about it after the fact.  Pictures will follow